Blue Shank Blueberry

That ship has sailed

Blue Shank Blueberry is a 100% Island product using juice from Island orchards, our house-pressed and – fermented PEI blueberry wine, and wild blueberries from Terry Nabuurs. This is a beautifully fizzy, off-dry summer treat with a fruit tang and earthy almost nut-like notes.

The Story

Located near Summerside, the Blue Shank Road connects two major east-west routes. Nobody knows who named the road – but its origins come from a phenomenon that takes place every June.

Late in June, lupins appear in every ditch and field on Prince Edward Island.  Many are pink or white, but the most common colour is a deep purple or blue. The flowers bloom and grow tall, some as high as three feet – about the height of the shanks on a good horse.

So as riders would cut across the fields from one route to another near Summerside, the pigment would rub off the deep blue flowers and onto their horses’ legs. By the end of the ride, it was clear where both horse and rider had been – the shanks on the horse would match the colour of the fields. 

The well-travelled route finally became a road – and there was no better name for it than the Blue Shank Road.

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