Colnbrook Crab Apple Cider

That ship has sailed

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An easy drinking off-dry cider with a lively tang and an ABV of 5%. Made from Dolgo Crabs, Golden Russet and Cox Orange Pippen.

The Story

Colnbrook Crab is a blend of apples including Cox’s Orange Pippin, first cultivated by Richard Cox in Colnbrook, England in 1830. This is a very fragrant apple that produces a delicate floral cider. To this we’ve added a Russet cider for some tang and then topped it off with some straight crabapple juice. We picked a crabapple called Dolgo out at Arlington Orchards to add to this cider. The crabs were surprising sweet this year while retaining their acid. So sweet we were able to eat them out of hand. And the smell while they were being milled was amazing.

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