That ship has sailed

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Ghost Ship Defiance is a blend of wild fermented apple cider and pure haskap berry juice. The cider brings a pronounced apple flavour with a touch of farmhouse tang. The berry, haskap, also known as honeyberry (and swamp fly honeysuckle!) is a plump, long, blue fruit that has a tart yet sweet flavour like a cross between raspberries and blueberries. Together they make Ghost Ship Defiance, a delicately sweet sparkling pink cider that tastes like a handful of refreshing summer berries.

The Story

The Story

The HMS Defiance went down off the north shore of the Island near Rustico in 1845. We take heart in the ship’s name, remaining defiant in the face of the COVID19 crisis by supporting each other and buying local. We will soon raise a glass together again.

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