That ship has sailed

Our Ghost Ship Sovinto is made with 100% Golden Russet, a renowned single varietal cider apple. The unfermented juice is ambrosial, with a high sugar content and high acidity. We’ve back-sweetened Sovinto to bring out the notes of apple, meadow flowers, honey, and pineapple. This pale gold cider is the result of a six month process.

The Story

(Sovinto is finnish for reconciliation)

Caught in the November Gale of 1906, a storm that blew for almost two weeks, the SV Sovinto was making its way from Campbellton, New Brunswick to Australia when it fetched up on Carews Reef off Priest Pond.

There it sat pounded by waves as the 21 men on board attempted to escape the ocean’s clutches. Only 9 made it ashore alive with some help from two young fishermen, Austin Grady and Duncan Campbell, from East Baltic.

The Sovinto’s cargo of lumber was spilled into the sea and in the ensuing weeks much was recovered and used by local residents to build homes.

The wreck can still be seen a low tide. A ghostly reminder of the power of the deep.

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